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 Guild PvP Day(s) What do You think?

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Which day(s) would you prefer for PVP?
 36% [ 8 ]
 50% [ 11 ]
 14% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 22


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PostSubject: Guild PvP Day(s) What do You think?   Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:52 pm

I'd like to put together the guild's calendar and I came across an issue with deciding the guild's PvP day(s).

I already know some of you work,go to school,and are busy with family matters..heck; a mixture of all three(3).

So here is the deal I've handpicked three(3) days in which can all have some fun PvP'ing as a guild and/or trying it out individually(not saying you can't do it whenever).
The choice is now your's, which of,if not all, of these days would you like to be our Guild PvP day(s):

-Saturdays(All day,or till you all get tired)
-Sundays (Afternoon-Midnight)

To vote simply reply to this thread with "F"(Friday), "Sa" (Saturday), "Su" (Sunday).
Edit: Added a poll. - Teddy

I can't wait to do some organized Protect modes Very Happy

**Btw I *need* all of you who have the ability to use vent,to get on during PvP games(especially Protect mode)

This is for fun but is also "practice for Guild Wars(Official and Unofficial) and GvsG matches."[b]
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Guild PvP Day(s) What do You think?
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