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 ::An Introduction of Edge::

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PostSubject: ::An Introduction of Edge::   Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:49 pm


Created: September 10th, 2011
GL on Creation: Callyx
Current GL: Callyxis
Server: Elena

Edge was created solely to become a close-knit guild for friends and other gamers who just wanted to enjoy their game-play with some chilled folks without any drama and harassment while being able to progress throughout the game.

Upon reaching guild Level 5, it was obvious this wouldn't be the case as we had some quality players,and the friendship between us had grown quite nicely.After realizing the guild was getting quite large, the then GL of Edge(Callyx), was quite happy to continue recruiting as long as people were willing to join,at this point the first real Officers were selected.

Realizing that he would need help and support to manage the guild, Callyx selected his first few Officers,namely:
-Kithrasa (Rachel)
-Chegodaev (Teddy)
-Kakigori (Leah)
-normizzle (Norm/Ace)

These four(4) Officers helped shape the guild into what it is now; not forgetting that it's the members that give a guild "character" as I give my Respects and Love to all the members then and current, you guys(and gals) are truly the best and I appreciate you all for being the type of members(and RL personalities) that you
all are.

The Officers and members both "then" and "now" , are the true faces of <Edge> and have made us into what we are now, a truly stable and as is my belief, respected guild amongst the Elena population..

Current Leadership Roles:

Callyxis- Mercenary (GL)
KoRupT- Mercenary (Officer)
JoeySmite- Priest (Officer)
Kakigori- Acrobat (Officer)
MastaAce- Mercenary(Officer)
Kithrasa- Mystic (Officer)

**Leadership Roles are subject to change, as we will be having new Officer nominations soon**
The current Officers are still the same RL persons,with only a change in character/class for Teddy(now KoRupT,IGN) and Norm/Ace(now MastaAce,IGN).
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::An Introduction of Edge::
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