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 An Effective Build For Smashers

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PostSubject: An Effective Build For Smashers   Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:07 pm

Hello! Today I will be giving a build for those insane enough to play a Smasher!

This build focuses on DPS and mob control, as well as PvP. Basically, an all-around build.

Level 40 Cap: http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=3&sc=18&tc=37&ll=40#mGXXWayOvxQKvQjP6F

Level 50 Cap: http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=3&sc=18&tc=37&ll=50#bSmMNDAtpuos-7yapfF

With the Duo-Ultimate System, you can do whatever you want with the extra 14 points. I recommend getting Black Hole to 4 though.

Yes yes, you may be asking why I did not get Linear Ray EX. That is because of the charge and because of the range of the skill. Fireball works because it is able to be shot from fair away, as to attack people running away from it. Linear Ray cannot hit far enough to be useful for a 3 second charge. Also, It cannot be aimed on an upward and downward axis. Also, this build is for DPS.

At the Level 40 cap, you can switch points out of Triple Orbs for Gravity Blast if you want.


Below is a highly experimental build designed for those whose mental stability should be checked. Made mainly for those who Nest and PvPers.

Level 50 Cap: http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?i=3-18-37-50#bSmMNDQu5mszODijp2p

Yes! Glacial Spike is maxed! You'd be surprised by how much DPS this skill has. Very useful for killing bosses when combined with Fast Forward. Just look up "Smasher Solo ArchBishop" and you'll see.

You really should get Gravity Blast damage skill plate for this build.

**Edit: Nevermind, I was getting mixed up. Ignore this edit**
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An Effective Build For Smashers
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